Frequently Asked Questions

What is play-based learning? How will my child learn?

Play-based learning is learning by doing instead of sitting at a desk. We let children explore while we find organic ways to teach important concepts via the games and imagination kids are already involved in.

What are the benefits of play-based learning?

Learning by doing is memorable and fun! Because the kids are self-motivated, they are more likely to embrace each lesson. We celebrate creative problem solving, trial and error, and getting up to try again.This “failing forward” will empower your child in everything they do in life, because failure is practice for success!

How much time do the kids spend outside?

As much time as possible! We believe if you can learn numbers, new words, and new concepts in the classroom, you can learn them just as well or better with pebbles, trees, flowers, and fresh air.

How do you help my child succeed in school?

We are familiar with kindergarten programs in California, and make sure kids are well prepared for the experience. Beyond numbers and letters, kids also learn empathy, clear communication, and cooperation—skills essential for lifelong success.

How do you handle conflict?

We believe conflict is a natural part of growth, if handled properly. We teach patience by giving children space to calm down, then helping them express their feelings in a healthy way.

How do I register?

Just give us a call at 831-662-0828 or email We’re excited to get to know you!