Nurture Your Child’s Growth Naturally!

Dear Families,

I want to begin by expressing how wonderful the past 9 years have been, and how grateful I have been to work with such amazing families, and the fantastic students that have passed through the doors of Sun for Seedlings.

When I opened Sun for Seedlings in 2009, my dream was to create a unique preschool experience, where students gained kindergarten readiness skills, but also spent ample time in nature and focused on self-development and confidence building. I like to think that this dream was achieved 10 fold.

It is time for me to continue on my own self-development, and I am going back to school to earn my Master’s degree in Family and Child Therapy. My future practice will follow the philosophies of Sun for Seedlings, with a focus on nature, gardening, and farming as tools to help children learn and grow into their best selves.

Which unfortunately means that Sun for Seedlings will be closing its doors on May 25th. I have prepared a list of day care and preschool programs and summer camps in the area that I would recommend and I will make myself available in any way I can to assist in everyone’s transition.

I cannot find the words to express my gratitude to all the families that chose Sun for Seedlings for their children. It is the amazing families that came to my school that made it what it was, and it was an amazing 9 years, and I have so many great memories that I will cherish forever.

With much love and gratitude,

Teacher Katie


Less Screen Time
More Outdoor Time

Technology has given us a whole new set of resources to raise strong healthy children. That being said, no app can deliver the experience of running around, getting your hands in the soil, and experiencing the natural world—and its endless opportunities for learning—up close and personal.

Curiosity is a huge part of childhood, and we provide the space for kids to freely explore their curiosity in fresh air.  If we can do it outside, we do! We love watching kids organically develop independence and respect for the natural world.


Create The Foundation For A Thriving Life

Now you don’t have to choose between playtime and learning time: we offer both at once.
We provide the bridge for real-world experiences to become academic learning experiences too. Lining up sticks might become an alphabet lesson, or piling rocks might teach counting.

But our preschool is more than just play and kindergarten prep. It’s the opportunity to build a healthy and enthusiastic relationship with learning that will set your child up for lifelong success. Our kids flourish because they associate learning with fun!

When conflict comes up, we teach children to take space and work through it… skills that even many adults still struggle with! Great habits start early, which is why it’s important to start setting your child up for success right now.

Share the Wonder of the natural world with your child by letting him or her roam freely in a supervised outdoor environment.

Go above and beyond book smarts: support your child in building healthy relationships and communication skills.

Prepare for kindergarten academically while nurturing your child’s natural curiosity and desire to play and learn.

The Specifics

We’re open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. We ask kids to come for a minimum of 3 days per week so that they can get maximum benefit from the experience.

Schedule Options
3 days a week $195
4 days a week $260
5 days a week $325